All the Links to My Stories

Below is a book description of Six Short Stories on Fate, which features all the published stories and tales by me (Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh). “The Noors are painfully experiencing their sad separation; Karen is as naughty as ever; Mersa discovers his energy powers; Rodrick Barrister, the Archaeologist, abandons his unfulfilled life and goes onContinue reading “All the Links to My Stories”

How to Become a Better Writer

I’m sure you have thought about improving your craft in your chosen profession or talent field. You might have even considered a writing career but thought you weren’t any good at writing. That does not have to be the case. Below I list three ways you can improve your writing and become much better, maybeContinue reading “How to Become a Better Writer”

How My Writing Career is Going So Far

Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh Except for the time my 8th grade class assignment, The Hazardous Delivery, was published by The Yemen Times, my works were first released to the public when I self-published Family Day, on Amazon, in July 2018. That was just over three years now, and I have since self-published five more storiesContinue reading “How My Writing Career is Going So Far”

If You are a Book Blogger or Interested in Books, Then I Would Like to Hear Your Reviews of My Stories/Collections!

Hi WordPress Community and Internet World, my name is Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh. I am an author/chartered accountant who is looking to make a career in writing and business. I have chosen these paths because I really enjoy them and other people told me that I was good at these fields. With respect to writing,Continue reading “If You are a Book Blogger or Interested in Books, Then I Would Like to Hear Your Reviews of My Stories/Collections!”

What Does it Take to be a Writer/Author?

First things first, I still consider myself new to the whole writing/publishing game. That is even though I have six short stories out with three different collections. I hope to make it big and think that I have learned somethings along my journey that are useful to all prospective writers and authors (not just me).Continue reading “What Does it Take to be a Writer/Author?”

Short Stories of Under a Dollar on Amazon

Hey guys, While I am a chartered accountant/project manager, I am also a writing enthusiast, writer and author. I have started my career at a young age, being first published in 2003. My class assignment, titled The Hazardous Delivery, was a story about my Mom’s difficult birth to my youngest sister. I then wrote storiesContinue reading “Short Stories of Under a Dollar on Amazon”

Several of My Stories and Short Story Collections are Free on Amazon for a Short While!

So, I’m really excited. I have a new free book promotion going on for many of my stories and collections. You can get a copy of Family Day, Four Very Different Short Stories and many more of my works for free in the next few days. Here is the link to my works on AmazonContinue reading “Several of My Stories and Short Story Collections are Free on Amazon for a Short While!”

Write About What You Know

Whether it’s a story from life, a piece you did a lot of research about or one that was told to you first-hand, it’s important to be familiar with what you are writing about. I know this from personal experience. Having published and self-published many short stories, the one that fared the best was aContinue reading “Write About What You Know”

Know Your Audience

Someone delivers a speech about the fascinating topic of cyber security to a group of tech freshpeople (my choice of word for a gender-neutral understanding of freshmen). He goes into intrusive detail using higly technical language. The seminar goes over the heads of the entire group. This is the case in point when discussing theContinue reading “Know Your Audience”

Is Writing Block Real?

A professor, some of whose courses I took, once challenged the validity of mental blocks. That inspired this article and the question is writing block real? It is not just a question whether it exists, but whether popular conceptions that it cannot be overcome are true. This paper articulates the exact opposite. Writing block mayContinue reading “Is Writing Block Real?”