Plot Development and Writing with an Ending in Mind

All good stories have good plots. While I don’t know if that statement is always the case, I know the books I have read captivated me to continue reading. In the Harry Potter Series, every book had a challenge at the end for Harry, his friends and/or others to overcome. The plot kept on twisting and every part was more exciting, suspenseful and engaging than the last. This is particularly evident in how the (spoiler alert) horcruxes and the hollows, from as far as the early books, all came together to make sense of the entire series.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪plot development‬‏

J.K. Rowling shared that, while writing the Harry Potter series, she had the ending in the mind. This is a particularly useful writing tip for me. Having an end in mind allows you to work towards something and make for logical plot development, instead of just making up the whole story as you go along. I think everyone should follow their own plot development strategy, but this one works like a charm, as well. So, please get your creative juices flowing by thinking of your story ’till the end and write your stories towards that ending; this strategy won’t fail you!

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