If You are a Book Blogger or Interested in Books, Then I Would Like to Hear Your Reviews of My Stories/Collections!

Hi WordPress Community and Internet World, my name is Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh. I am an author/chartered accountant who is looking to make a career in writing and business. I have chosen these paths because I really enjoy them and other people told me that I was good at these fields. With respect to writing,Continue reading “If You are a Book Blogger or Interested in Books, Then I Would Like to Hear Your Reviews of My Stories/Collections!”

My Experience with Blogging, So Far

So, I am someone who has been blogging, on and off, for a few years now. This is my third year on WordPress and I am really enjoying the experience. In fact, I would recommend for everyone to have a blog. Whether that be a fitness site, a business journal or even one on yourContinue reading “My Experience with Blogging, So Far”

How to Grow a Following

I want to start off with a disclaimer. I don’t have millions of followers. Heck, I haven’t cracked a thousand. That does not mean I don’t know the secret too getting loads of followers. Coming from internet royalty, the secret to blogging or online success is to work hard, post quality work and to persevere.Continue reading “How to Grow a Following”

How to make quality blog posts

A lot of people are interested in getting many followers and likes in their blogs. You may want to be a successful blogger yourself. What are the secrets to blog success? I already talked about blog quantity and frequency in another post (if you haven’t seen, please check it out). Here, I discuss the importanceContinue reading “How to make quality blog posts”

How Much Content Should you Post?

This is a question that’s been dominating my blogging experience. I feel that all bloggers should have access to the same education and develop a good strategy to maximize their impact. This should boost the quality of our blogs, more on blog quality in another post. The key question here is how much should youContinue reading “How Much Content Should you Post?”