How to Market your Book/Short Story

A lot of people dream of writing a book. Many of those individuals go on to actually doing it. However, writing a book is only half the battle of gaining a respectable readership. The other half is marketing. In this blog post, you’ll get 11 ways to market your book effectively (in order to increaseContinue reading “How to Market your Book/Short Story”

Here’s My Attempt at a Paradox, Weaknesses/Strengths

Do not let weaknesses undermine your worth, value and what you can provide to others, society at large and the world. Take a character like Harry Potter. He is neither as bright as Hermione nor is he as good as a chess player as Ron. However, he is a wonderful auror (person who defends againstContinue reading “Here’s My Attempt at a Paradox, Weaknesses/Strengths”

7 Ways to Become More Productive

We all want to operate at our productive bests, but why is it such a hassle for so many of us to achieve this? There are many stumbling blocks to productivity, as well as ways to ensure that we become more efficient at what we do. I will discuss seven such ways in this blogContinue reading “7 Ways to Become More Productive”