Mahmoud Sueliman Abdi Dualeh has six short stories and three collections available for order. Below is the title, a brief description and a link of/for each work.

Family Day

A political plague has swept the United States during the Trump administration, that of family separation. Families are being forced to live away from their loved ones due to dreams of wanting to emigrate to the U.S. Family Day deals with this topic allegorically by portraying the lives of the members of the Noor family. They were tragically separated by a violent storm, personifying Trump, that left them torn apart for 14 years. They individually decide to do something about their disheartening losses by looking for their missing loved ones. What will come of the Noor family? Find out in the political allegory Family Day. If you love the Crucible, then you would also love this short story (Family Day).

Karen, the Misbehaved Girl

A children’s story about a girl who is as rotten as she is mean. The story is a must-read for all kids developing a sense of self, character and their own personalities. It is also very short read, which can be read by kids of young ages (as young as five). Parents could enjoy reading it to their children, as could teachers to their students. Karen, the Misbehaved Girl is, overall, a worthy book for a young person’s early reading material. If you liked The Boy Who Cried Wolf, then you’d love Karen, the Misbehaved Girl. Inspired by folk stories of old, this is a cultural piece with a real message for all.

Mersa’s Surge of Energy

Mersa is a young boy with an exceptional gift. He learns about his incredible energy powers and becomes a first-grade energ-being, a person with the ability to harness energy. His ability is second to none, but he faces a test of becoming accepted by the unknowing public. His new powers allow him to excel, though. This is the story of the incredible journey his is about to embark on. If you like Harry Potter, then you’d love this story. Check out the latest fantasy obsession for yourselves.

The Archaeologist’s Secret

Miserable in his office and unimpressed by certain students’ showings in a public seminar, Rodrick Barrister was given the opportunity he long craved for. With little faith in him, he set off to prove his doubters wrong. He wanted to show why information security was important, not just in archaeology but for all humanity. What follows is an action-packed story of value, choices and responsibility. This is a story for all adventure lovers. If you like the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown, then you’d love this. Suspenseful, thrilling and engaging, this story of an academic-turned-adventurer will have wanting to not put the book down.

Souhail and the Realm of Super Beings

Souhail was no ordinary person. With a dark secret, he sought to fight his demons on his own. Having discovered a supernatural realm, he wanted to solve a threat to humanity before exposing it to people. Will the challenge prove to great or will Souhail triumph over evil? Find out in this novel. If you like Don Quixote, this is the book for you.

Muhsen Ilyes: Deciphering Terrorism

Muhsen Ilyes, a political analyst, is on the hunt for the solution to terrorism to stop ISIS from finding and destroying it. Hassan Sultan is thought to have come up with it, but died before he could release the solution to the world. He, however, left the world with a trail to his findings. Will Muhsen discover the solution? Find out in Muhsen Ilyes: Deciphering Terrorism.

Three Short Stories on Fate and Three Very Different Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories by Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh. It includes the stories Family Day, Mersa’s Surge of Energy and Karen, the Misbehaved Girl. Some of these works are stand-alone while others, like Mersa’s Surge of Energy, is the start of a series. One, if not all of the stories, could very well interest you. The central theme of fate is what unites all these stories.

Four Short Stories on Fate and Four Very Different Short Stories

his book carries on from another story collection titled Three Short Stories on Fate. A new, fourth, story has been added to the mix! In addition to Family Day; Mersa’s Surge of Energy and Karen, the Misbehaved Girl, The Archeologist’s Secret has been added as another story by Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh. Found out what secrets are unveiled in this story collection.

Six Short Stories on Fate and Six Very Different Short Stories

This collection includes six short stories on fate, as suggested by the title, that are all united by the theme and the fact that they were written by a single author, Mahmoud Suleiman Abdi Dualeh. The six stories featured in this book is Family Day; Karen, the Misbehaved Girl; Mersa’s Surge of Energy; The Archaeologist’s Secret; Souhail and the Realm of Super Beings and Muhsen Ilyes: Deciphering Terrorism.

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