How Much Content Should you Post?

This is a question that’s been dominating my blogging experience. I feel that all bloggers should have access to the same education and develop a good strategy to maximize their impact. This should boost the quality of our blogs, more on blog quality in another post. The key question here is how much should you be posting. With regards to content quantity an age-old wise saying applies, the more the better.

That’s great to know, but how much is enough? An article on Forbes on this topic states that you should post on 16 days of the month. That is roughly four times a week. With that said, you will be gaining traction regularly by following this advice. Basically, you should post more days than you don’t in a month.

The alternative would be to post less. If you think like a reader, rather than a bloggers, then what would you prefer? Someone who has the same content for a month or someone who posts frequently. I think the answer is pretty self-evident. That should settle the debate. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Finally, if you’re on WordPress then you can check your activity and stats. That way, you can keep track of your blogging record. You should know how much you blog to know how you can improve or to continue doing what you are doing.

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

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