Print Books Vs. EBooks, which ones are better?

Books have been read by people for millennia. For the longest time, books only existed in physical form. With the invention of the printing press, they started to be mass produced. Nowadays, eBooks also exist. This gives readers options in the form of book they can read; the question is, which form is better?

EBooks are hard to lose or damage. They provide a secure option for storing books. They are not completely risk-free though. Security threats exist, like computer viruses, data loss and hacking. All in all, they are more secure and easier to store, though.

Nothing beats the feel of a paper in your hand, though. This is a popular sentiment, shared by many. Print books have a long history, and have etched their way to our hearts. There is less chance of eye strain, the lack of blue light making it the healthier choice. They are also more tangible, giving print books greater sentimental value.

You could say that print books are more depreciable. That is to say that they can experience wear and tear over time. However, you could always by another copy. EBooks are also subject to threats, as previously mentioned. Having a book in your hand makes owning a print book worth it.

In conclusion, print books are considered more universally valuable than eBooks. That is because they carry greater sentimental value. EBooks do have greater security benefits and are very convenient. They are not without their pitfalls, though. What do you think is better, print books or EBooks?

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

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