How Climbing the Ladder to Success is the Fun Part

I tell myself that it is all about the climb, that is the climb up the ladder to success. Gary Vaynerchuk said that he loves the climb so much that he wants to move to China where no one knows him and start all over again. That should give cause to pause and to contemplate how it is a good practice to be grateful, wherever you are on your journey to success. Being there, at the finishing post, is all well and good. However, the climb is the fun part.

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First of all, what do I mean by the climb? All the time before you become successful, especially the hours you put in to gain that success, is what is referred to as the climb. It’s your journey to being the financially independent, groundbreaking and innovative version of yourself. You’re still you, but you have reaped your rewards by then. If that is all the climb is, then why is what I’m saying so controversial?

A lot of people focus on the end result. “I have to get a million followers. I have to get a billion dollars. I have to make X amount of sales.” This is the train of thought a lot of people take. Don’t get warped up into this, though. When you do gain that success (and I hope you will), it is the hard work you put in that you will enjoy the most. Don’t trust me, then why did Arthur Ashe say the following:

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It’s the journey that matters, people. Don’t ever forget it! You’re already successful. By putting in the hours, you are doing yourself, your loved ones and this world at large a great service. Keep on being you and the rest will follow.


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