How Good Grammar Can Help Your Writing

Spelling and grammar are an important aspect of a lot of written works. They say the difference between an A- and a straight A could boil down to spelling and grammar. The more that I think about it, the more important grammar seems to be. Good grammar goes a long way in making your work look polished. Without good grammar, the quality of your writing takes a major hit.

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What qualifies as good grammar, though? Anyone who has taking a writing, literature or reading or language arts course would have studied grammar. This is a set of rules which dictate what is permissible in writing and what is not. Spelling refers to the correct letter choices in a word. Grammar, on the other hand, refers to rules which writers need to follow; if you follow the rules that apply to our work, your piece would qualify as adhering to the laws of good grammar.

Moreover, grammar can be used proactively, as well. If someone knows how to use commas or semicolons, they could add more parts to their sentence by choosing to use one of those punctuation marks. They work also looks more impressive, the more polished it is. Grammar is more than just punctuation, as sentence parts, paragraph structure and what not all falls into play the massive world is that grammar lives in. It is important to keep that in mind.

It is also important to note that grammar is not the be all and end all of writing. There is more to writing then just following some rules; it is an art. A poorly edited masterpiece may be of more value then a polished, but mediocre, work. That is not to say that grammar is meaningless. On the contrary, it is very important to edit and draft your works, as poor writing can throw off your readers; this is all just to say that grammar is important, and so are other aspects of writing.

In conclusion, practising good grammar is a significant way to bolster your writing credentials. It is important to question what counts as good grammar, to begin with. The answer to that question is anything which follows the rules of writing in a language. Grammar can also be used proactively. In the end of the day, grammar is one of the many aspects of writing that writers can perfect while pursuing their chosen careers.

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4 thoughts on “How Good Grammar Can Help Your Writing

  1. Mr/Ms Dualeh, in this sentence, “Spelling and grammar is an important aspect of a lot of written works,” are you aware that you have TWO subjects. Because you have plural subjects, the verb should be “are” as you stated. Furthermore, it is advisable that you change the word “aspect” to ‘aspects’ and that you NOT use “a lot of” but rather ‘a good many’. Your sentence should read as follows:“Spelling and grammar are important aspects of a good many written works.”


  2. How ironic that you should be talking about good grammar. Your first sentence says, “Spelling and grammar is an important aspect of a lot of written works.” Do you think that is good grammar?


    1. Thank you for pointing out this mistake, I should have written are. It is difficult to blog on my phone, not that that is an excuse. Anyways, I want to thank you again.


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