Pluralism the Solution to the Brexit Debacle

Integration offers citizens, business/corporate actors and states substantial opportunities. It has been implemented successful in many regions across the globe and in international and global levels of aggregation as well. The European Union is an example of successful regional integration, with Europe becoming an economic bloc that rivals the United States and China. Unfortunately, thereContinue reading “Pluralism the Solution to the Brexit Debacle”

Advertising Campaign on Amazon!

Hi, it’s Mahmoud here. I started advertising campaigns on Amazon. They’re for my two novelettes.. Family Day and Karen, the Misbehaved Girl. I haven’t gotten the metrics for my campaigns yet, but I hope they are going well. The links for the amazon book pages are as follows (in case you want your own copies):Continue reading “Advertising Campaign on Amazon!”

Brexiteers Should Demand More Integration

With Brexiteers blaming European integration for loss of jobs and struggling industries, the force of the movement has come to dominate Parliamentary proceedings and make waves across the United Kingdom. Remain voters argue that the uncertainty caused by Brexit, which has harmed the UK economy, shows the faulty nature of the decision to leave theContinue reading “Brexiteers Should Demand More Integration”

A Two-state, Shared City Solution to End the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Israel and Palestine have long contested territories in the northwest of the Middle East. The 60th anniversary of the formation of the state of Israel has passed last year, and all the conflict since then has come to dominate Arab-Israeli and, at times, international affairs. According to Britannica, Israel and various Arab forces and coalitionsContinue reading “A Two-state, Shared City Solution to End the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”

Family Day Available for Free on Amazon

For a limited time, Family Day is available for free. It is a short story, written by me, Mahmoud Dualeh. You can find order a free eBook on the following link: I will greatly appreciate your reviews, comments and readership.