I’ve Had My Third Article Published in a Newspaper!

This is just to update you that another article of mine, Mahmoud’s, was published in a newspaper. My article on Tanzania’s latest plastic ban was published on the Citizen. This newspaper is a leading English newspaper in Tanzania. I appreciate all the support I got in writing and publishing this work. Check out the 23rdContinue reading “I’ve Had My Third Article Published in a Newspaper!”

Print Books Vs. EBooks, which ones are better?

Books have been read by people for millennia. For the longest time, books only existed in physical form. With the invention of the printing press, they started to be mass produced. Nowadays, eBooks also exist. This gives readers options in the form of book they can read; the question is, which form is better? EBooksContinue reading “Print Books Vs. EBooks, which ones are better?”

Writing for Fun? Why Not Make A Career Out of It?

A lot of people have hobbies they enjoy doing. Painting, photographing and sports are pompously options. One of those hobbies could be writing. If you enjoy writing, then I have a proposal for you. You might like to make a career out of it. Writing is a great hobby to have. It is both funContinue reading “Writing for Fun? Why Not Make A Career Out of It?”

Positive Energy

I wish I learnt about energies earlier in life. I wish I learnt how to cultivate my own energy, how to identify low energy, and how to protect and nurture my energy. There are two concepts I learnt about this week. One is the dantien and the other related concept was cultivating my energy andContinue reading “Positive Energy”

Choose Your Hobbies Wisely

Everyone has spare time. While they may work in demanding professions, people always have time in which they do (or do not do) other things. While a lot of people are spoiled with resources, time is the most valuable resource of all. If someone does not spend their time wisely, he or she stands toContinue reading “Choose Your Hobbies Wisely”

I’m Giving Away Family Day, for Free, for Five Days!

I have a new free book promotion running on Amazon. It’s for my short story, Family Day. It starts tomorrow, the 7th of August, at 12:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). That’s the time on the West Coast of the US, so it might be a considerable different time for you elsewhere. You can get aContinue reading “I’m Giving Away Family Day, for Free, for Five Days!”

Best-selling Writers of All Time

I wanted to write something about the best-selling writers of all time. There are a lot of great writers out there, and many of them get noticed. These writers, like J.K. Rowling, Agatha Kristie and William Shakespeare, have sold hundred of millions of copies of their books. William Shakespeare and Agatha Kristie, in particular, haveContinue reading “Best-selling Writers of All Time”

Proud Brother, My Sister Wrote Her First Post!

The last post, which was on calorie restriction, was written by my Sister, Sarah Dualeh. She has a blog called fitnessbalancelifestyle for all of you to check out. If you like her article, which a lot of you seem to have, then please visit her blog and see more posts from Sarah. I hope sheContinue reading “Proud Brother, My Sister Wrote Her First Post!”

Calorie restriction; the ultimate way to my healthy lifestyle

As someone that has learnt a lot about weight loss and nutrition and has struggled with it; I’ve come to learn what works and doesn’t work for me. Having lost 40 kgs when I was 16 and then failing to keep it off and losing 20kg again to restore myself to lowest weight I hadContinue reading “Calorie restriction; the ultimate way to my healthy lifestyle”