Why Any Review is a Good Review

So, I recently been getting more reviews. That should sound great to anyone, but I found myself not so happy with the lower reviews initially. Out of the four ratings I got, one was a five-star, another a three-star review and the remaining were one and two star reviews. I thought that the lower ratings would turn people away from my books, but, thankfully, I was wrong. My engagement and sales has only grown with the new ratings, high or low. I hope to see even more sales, which might come with my newly-obtained positive attitude.

I want for everyone to be happy with any review/rating they get. A low score does not mean you did not do well. Most strikingly, it could mean you have a large reading audience and it was not to the taste of a small group. Moreover, the low ratings are even better than their high counterparts, in the sense that you can learn something, about your writing, that helps you in the future. I found that view very useful, personally speaking.

In fact, a person said that one of my stories, Karen, the Misbehaved Girl, was too negative in the sense that (Spoiler alert), the ending was kind of depressing. I found that to useful, because that allowed me to think about the message I was sending, in my writing. I did not want to be a negative voice, so now I learned to tailor my stories, especially the ending, in line with a more positive outlook.

I hope you can all learn from my journey and use it in your own quest to being successful writers. Even if you are not a writer, but say a marketer, then you can learn from the good or bad reviews you get. All in all, a review is a sign that people are engaging with your work and who does not want some level of engagement with what they put out there. I leave you with my review, in the hope that it inspires you to bigger and greater things.

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

We are a family of bloggers, blogging on blogging, writing, publishing and book marketing, as well as our random opinions on health, world affairs and current topics.

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