Women, men, & society..

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There’s been something on my mind lately.. The woman is the future. She brings the future into the world she nurtures it. She makes the impossible possible. I don’t take that for granted because it’s miraculous and preserves the human race. During this time of uncertainty of Corona and greater uncertainty in society, I’ve been trying to get my bearings and find my feet. I feel I’ve regained a better sense of where I fit in in the world .


There’s a huge discrepancy in what’s being told to women in society and my culture and the truth. Who am I ? What I am capable of ? Where do my strengths lie ? What am I supposed to do with this life I’ve been given?


The answer is and always has been within . It’s in my intuition, ambition , love, energy, and perceptivity, and receptivity.


It is super subjective but one thing all women have in common in addition to journeying together as women is their potential to utilise their skills and intuition to bring a unique energy to the world .


What I think we need is treatment that supports her being/essence. With all the knowledge we have in the world it baffles me that we missed a universally accepted standard on how to treat women. It baffles me that what’s acceptable treatment keeps changing and not for the better. It baffles me that the concept of the woman is not valued accordingly. And it shows .


How men and women treat women is how they treat the future . I can’t say this enough. It’s a time of instant gratification where you get what you want when you want it. Let’s not mix technology with humanity. This goes against natural law of gestation . Good things takes time. There’s a reason why flowers bloom when they do . There’s a reason for everything .


The answer, I believe, is women need to be supported how best they feel supported and celebrated! Yes that means financially, her goals and dreams, and in her journey through life.


Society is playing a game where both men and women are losing and being shorthanded. Where life satisfaction is ever elusive.. and it doesn’t have to be.


Idk if this will be received well, but I will always speak out on the issues I keep seeing.


Thanks for reading if you’ve come this far!

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