Theory of the Origin of Life

As a probe mission prepares to travel to Mercury, human beings have been fascinated by outer space. What if humans looked down, rather than up? What would be found? That answer is known, to some degree. Magma runs under the Earth Crust, bringing with it the factors which result in life.

If life stems from magma, why is not there life in other planets? We don’t know if life exists in other planets. What we do know is that not all planets have layers of magma in them. Some planets are even made of diamond! While that would make for a great expedition, it does not, in theory, posses the factors that make life.

As a religious person, I would say that this brings about an important conundrum. God created life, but God could have also created the factors of life. We do not know how life came into existence, in terms of the process of life creation. We do know there is a physical realm with laws, and this could be another one.

In conclusion, life stems from magma. It would be interesting to go about and price this scientifically, but so far it is only a theory. What are your thoughts on this? Please leave them in the comments section.

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

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