Gravity Space-time Creation Theory

I’ve recently been thinking more about physics lately, as one does. Jokes aside, I was not very good at high school science, including physics. I did do well at science, before hand. Be that as it may, I came up with what is hopefully an original theory. Gravity creates time and space, as we know it.

First of all, what is time and space? Time is the measure of how long it takes the Earth to move around the Sun. All time is divisible by or a product of one turn around the Sun, or one year. Time on Venus or Mars would be different, therefore. It will either be shorter or longer. We only know time on Earth, but the time of day differs wsjbsbvcc rere you are on the planet.

This all sounds obvious, but what is the relation between time and gravity? Gravity is the force that creates the movements of the planets around be the sun. Earth’s gravity reacting to the Sun’s is what causes it to orbit around it. Thus, gravity creates time!

Likewise, gravity brings everything light enough in its field to it’s body’s surface. That is to say, the only thing that naturally exists between matter in space is space! Thus, gravity creates space.

In conclusion, gravity creates time and space. If there was no gravity, then the planet would not orbit around the Sun. This means that time as we know it would not exist. Likewise, matter would not be pulled to any planetary surface and we’d all be left travelling through outer space.

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