Know Your Audience

Someone delivers a speech about the fascinating topic of cyber security to a group of tech freshpeople (my choice of word for a gender-neutral understanding of freshmen). He goes into intrusive detail using higly technical language. The seminar goes over the heads of the entire group. This is the case in point when discussing the significance of knowing your audience. To know one’s audience is to improve your writing work.

The question is, how does knowing your audience improve your writing? Simply, it helps you utilize appropriate language. You don’t want to sound too technical to a beginner in a field. Likewise, using too much jargon to those not in the know is counter-intuitive and counter-productive. It would be much better to speak and write plainly.

At the same time, speaking too assumedly would be equally problematic when addresing a group of experts. You wouldn’t want to assume no knowledge and waste people’s time.

In conclusion, knowing your audience helps shape and improve your writing. It is an important skills to utilize, refer to and apply.

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

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