Sometimes, all it takes is one voice to change your inner world

Everyone needs a voice that will uplift them. A voice that will shine light on the greatness within. You need someone that will hold space for you; that will shine light on the dark spots within. You need a voice that will empower you; show you how to be whole and complete. Someone that will guide you to realise your potential. Someone that will repeatedly say it’s okay. Someone that knows how to fulfill your emotional needs because they have gone through the journey you are going through. They know the way and want to lead you through your way. If you are hurting you dont have to be; If you see more for yourself listen to that voice. It may be faint but itll keep getting louder until you listen or manifest itself in other ways in your life.

Surround yourself with the people that are on the same journey. Learn from those practiced. Listen to media that teaches you and nourishes you. Do the spiritual work. If you don’t feel good about your life, are repeatedly sick, are overweight, are having relationship problems, or are feeling unfulfilled chances you are having deep rooted issues. There’s a story you’re telling yourself or patterns you’re repeating that arent serving you. This way of being may be the only thing you know. However unhappiness is a signal that there is something holding you down. Do the work to find out what exactly is holding you back from feeling amazing on the inside. Wishing you a blessed journey. Thank you for reading!

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Journey towards healthy living.

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