Positive Energy

I wish I learnt about energies earlier in life. I wish I learnt how to cultivate my own energy, how to identify low energy, and how to protect and nurture my energy. There are two concepts I learnt about this week. One is the dantien and the other related concept was cultivating my energy and being conscious of the energies I let in.

I’m an empath. Being an empath while being open can be a very dangerous combination. I’m still learning how to manage energies including my own. Being entwined in someone else’s negativity energy/world will evolve, toxicity, and down-spiralling, and leaving both of us drained from interactions. I’m learning about the boundaries needed around different energies and situations. I’ve completely given up the idea that I am obligated to give energy to a situation with bad energy. I only feel obligated to do something if I can but never at my expense.

This may seem common sense to people, especially those practiced in eastern Asian philosophy, but to me this knowledge is solving a life long problem I’ve had. It feels like its equipping me with the strength and freedom I need to be my best self. I’m sure many people can relate.

Positive vibrations are a result of a conscious effort in positive thinking and establishing good mind body and soul habits. One thing that has helped me feel less guilty about distancing myself from well intending people with bad energy is surrounding myself with good energy and working on my own energy. I feel whole and free and I teach myself to gravitate to what is good for me. I am also learning I am responsible for my energy and where I am in life and so having positive energy and surrounding myself with positive energy has become a priority in my personal development and I’m learning to enjoy it. Thank you for reading.

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Journey towards healthy living.

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