Living is solving problems

Today’s long post comes from reading this simple quote.

Whether you are coming out of a negative situation or trying to build a more positive situation for yourself you will always be encountering problems in your life. This quote has helped me stop taking the easy route and accepting my incapability to deal with a situation as a stumbling block as opposed to a challenge that I need to overcome. I believe this to be the reality of life and the potential is limitless for people that are able to adopt this mindset.

If you solve problems, you can improve in all areas of your life and improve other people’s lives and that is where progress lies. Your behaviour and work has a catalytic effect on your community and the people it serves.

Your problem might be coming out of a negative situation where you will need to fill in some necessary gaps. However, if you see your life as full of problems; the only way you’d be living is through solving them. Remember that in helping with others’ problems in your life; other people’s problems are not your responsibility.

Reading this quote changed everything for me because it transferred full accountability to me. I didn’t want to use any excuses and I didn’t want to waste my time. If I had any issues in my life it was because of my failure/ignorance in solving them. It was on me if I felt I wanted a good position or got frustrated in reaching my potential. It took me knowing that everybody has problems to accept the problems I was faced with. It might take you knowing something else to accept this statement. The meaning of life comes from doing meaningful work and reaching your full potential. Remember that you must always make time to enjoy life too. Thank you for reading!

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