How Writing Became More Than a Means of Recording

Believe it or not, writing did not always exist. The Ancient Sumerians invented it as a means to record information. It was so impactful that we use it until this day. The invention of writing is also what separates history from pre-history. The oldest known written work, the Epic of Gilgamesh, was actually a piece of literature, which is part of the reason why I’m looking into how writing has transpired past the point of recording.

Writing is a joy to practice, but it also inspires. It has the ability to stretch imaginations and take its reader on an adventure. These traits make it a notable discipline. Recording information is useful, but writing is so much more than that. It’s full potential has been harnessed by literary greats, such as William Shakespeare, Agatha Kristie and J.K. Rowling, and it continues to be tested.

Writing has evolved to include fiction and non-fiction. Within both, there are several genres for writers to deploy. Ever piece can have its own theme(s). This is how expansive writing is. One author could be writing about the stock maker bubble burst triggering the Great Depression, while another could yet write about knights slaying dragons in a bid to save a threatened princess.

Writers have struggled to earn a living, though. With so many people practicing the art, it can be very competitive and hard to get noticed. That should stop good writers from trying. A lot of the most successful writers have struggled, in the past. J.K. Rowling was famously on benefits before the monumental success of her mammoth Harry Potter series.

In conclusion, writing is more than just re riding. It is an art practiced by a growing class and adored by countless individuals. It has evolved to include new genres and types. Writers may struggle to become successful, but the chance of great rewards is worth it. A brief look at its history demonstrates the long journey the medium has taken.

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